Dripline tubing comes with evenly spaced factory installed emitters that release water directly at the base of the plant. Offered in a variety of colors, sizes, lengths, and materials to fit your individual 

Dura Flo Inline CV (Check Valve) - 17mm, 18mm sizes
Dura Flo PC
Dura Flo JR 1/4"

Features turbulent flow and self-cleaning emitters with built-in filter slits to greatly reduces the risk of clogging. Ideal for use ground cover, small shrubs, vegetable gardens or planter boxes.

Turbulent Flo

Non-pressure compensating drip line with factory installed emitters spaced every 12”. Best suited for watering closely spaced plants, hedges, and vegetable gardens.

Laser Drilled Hose

¼” tubing with pre-drilled holes to water evenly spaced plants, vegetables, or ground cover. This tubing does not have emitters inside so it operates with very little water pressure.