Park. Detain.
When It Rains, It drains

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Park. Drive. Drain. Detain.

No need to detain for your imperuious parking and paving ever again! dRainLots qualify as 100% pervious cover. Imagine turning your entire lot into parkable driveable detention. dRainLots eliminate the need for separate detention systems and effectively manage stormwater outflow since they're 100% pervious and store water in their subbase.

Virtually Indestructable

dRainlots are H20 and HS20 rated meaning they can withstand even the heaviest of loads. With compression strengths of over 98,000 pst. dRainLots provide rigid stabilization to support heavy vehicles like concrete trucks, RVs, and fire trucks.

  • Surface

    Park and Drive. Can withstand heavy loads and traffic. When it rains, it drains!

  • Grids (1'' – 1.8'')

    Made from 100% Post-Consumer Recycled HPDE. H20 and HS20-rated. Compression strength of over 8000 psi.

  • Subbase (>4")

    Composed of an aggregate fill for strength and detention. Increase the height of your subbase and achieve any level of detention volume!

  • geosynthetic cloth

    Woven geosynthetic cloth stabilizes and reinforces sub-grade , allowing water to percolate naturally into the underlying soil.

  • SubGrade

    Compacted subgrade material provides a solid foundation on which dRainLot is built.

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Parking Lots
Walk/Bike Trails
Rig Sites
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